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Eavestroughing Design & Installation in New Brunswick

A proper eavestrough system collects roof run-off and channels it away from your foundation, protecting your home from water damage. No matter how complicated your roofing system, Dowd Home Improvements Ltd. will provide custom-built solutions. As part of the Dowd Group of companies with over 70 years of experience, we have the knowledge and skill to handle all types of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. We can design and install eavestrough systems for our customers in New Brunswick and across the Maritimes. Whether you want new eavestroughs or need to replace the old, damaged ones, trust our experts for quality products and professional installation services.

However, note that we don’t do cleaning or repair jobs on existing eavestrough systems.

Avoid Dangerous Cleaning & Maintenance with Debris Guards

We offer high-quality gutter guard or protection systems from LeafGuard for both commercial and residential applications. Dowd Home Improvements Ltd. will supply and install eavestrough debris guards, allowing you to say goodbye to the dangerous task of cleaning and maintaining your eavestrough system. Consult with our professionals to find out more.

Benefits of Gutter Guard From LeafGuard

You get a combination of leaf and debris shedding hood as well as a large gutter bottom - all in just a one-piece, seamless gutter system.

This one-piece gutter guard system is built from a single piece of aluminum without any joints in between. As a result, the problems associated with gutter attachment and colour matching are eliminated.

Its efficient one-piece design allows the system to be easily attached to the facia boards on your roof edges, preventing water leaks and roof damages.

The one-piece design is aesthetically pleasing with its sleek appearance, adding to your exterior’s beauty.

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Design Your Eavestrough System

Partner with our experts to design a perfect eavestrough system for your home!

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